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Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Save (The Original) Shoeperwoman.com!

In my free time, I follow quite a few blogs. Right now, one of my person favorites, Shoeperwoman.com, is in jeopardy. Amber, the writer, has encountered a serious problem.

Someone else has started a blog called Shoeperwoman.com. On its own, this wouldn't be a problem. However, the new blog's writer is trying to trademark Shoeperwoman.com, which would essentially put the original Shoeperwoman out of business.  This is incredibly unfair to Amber, who has been writing on her blog for over two years.

I'm not here to pass judgement on the new Shoeperwoman.com, however, I highly disagree with the strategy the writer of the new Shoeperwoman is taking in regards to this entire situation. Amber posted a message on her blog yesterday informing her readers about this situation. Today, Amber apparently received a message from the writer of the new Shoeperwoman.com which threatened to report Amber to the police for slander, harassment, and cyber-bullying.

I'm sure that you have seen my earlier post about how to get content taken down on a blog, and if not, go check it out. It'll tell you my opinion about how how the new writer decided to respond to Amber's post.

In my opinion, Amber did nothing wrong. Her readers have the right to know what's happening, especially since this blog may be shut down forever, and having read the original message, I found nothing that suggested cyber-bullying or slander, and certainly no harassment. In essence, Amber simply said "Look. This person has started a site called Shoeperwoman.com. This has nothing to do with my blog. They're also trying to trademark it, which means that my blog may be out of commission forever. Please help me save it." How is that considered harassment?

However, the trademark issue is still pending. There's only one way to help out Amber: post the link to her site on your blog. It'll help verify that Amber was, in fact, here first, and make sure that she's not shut down.


Please help save the original Shoeperwoman.com!

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